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Bruno's Biscotti Seconds

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Bruno's Biscotti Seconds: Authentic Italian Cookies


The biscotti were always kept in a large airtight tin squirreled away in the root cellar but a couple handfuls were always kept in a small glass dish in the china cabinet. Bruno's grandmother admitted that she would not dare run out of these cookies. And to his knowledge, she never did. As far back as Bruno remembers his grandfather would have two or three biscotti with his large mug of coffee every evening at about 8 o'clock. When Bruno stayed overnight Nono would share his cookies. Sitting next to Nono and sharing these cookies is one of Bruno's fond memories. The recipe was handed down through generations from Italy to America.

Bruno's Biscotti are hand-formed, hand-cut, and made from only natural quality ingredients some of which are:

unsalted butter OR organic vegetable shortening if
         Dairy Free (Bruno's Biscotti contain no trans fat)
unbleached enriched flour
aluminum-free baking powder
filtered water
pure extracts

When iced with chocolate we use Noel brand (64% cocoa mass), from France, the same chocolate used to coat Tullia's Truffles.

Caution: Although we thoroughly cleanse and disinfect our machines, utensils, and work surfaces between runs, all Bruno's Biscotti may contain trace amounts of nuts and wheat.

Bruno's Biscotti flavors include:

Almond Iced (Noel chocolate)
Cherry Rum Pecan
Chocolatey Chocolate Chip
Fig Pecan
Fig Vanilla
Spice Pecan
Troll House (chocolate chip)
       Custom flavors available on request and by the case


Traditional or Dairy Free   $8   Per 12 Oz Bag
Gluten Free or GF/DF      $11 Per 12 Oz Bag

» Price: $10.00

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